Summer is here! Now we can get outdoors and paint. Plein air is new to me, so I guess I will have to make a list of supplies. I wouldn’t want to drive out to the boondocks and be without the necessities.

I don’t know which direction I want to go with my art journey. Do I want to concentrate on one medium, or work at several? For instance it isn’t easy to cart oil paints, easels, and all that gear to those remote locations. But I love oil painting. It smells so good that I miss it when I’ve been away from using it for a while.

On my first attempt to express myself artistically, I tried to paint with watercolors. That seemed to be simple enough, or so I thought. Oh my it sure made for some unusual artwork, ugly to be exact !

This spring my family went to the beach early, where my single tangible accomplishment was a watercolor of Cape May Lighthouse. It was (to be) a gift to my brother who has a particular love for that town and the lighthouse there.

I didn’t have the best light to paint because we shopped, talked and sat at the beach most of the days. So my painting was started in my room one night, going well into the early hours. Final touches were done later after we were home and I had free time.

My brother loves the painting, although it is not as nice as I wanted. But artists tend to be critical of their own pieces. So must practice, practice…that’s what I hear.

My one conclusion about travelling and painting is that fewer supplies were needed to do a simple watercolor painting, as opposed to an oil or acrylic painting. And the mess was minimal in comparison.

I know it is expected of the artists who ‘blog’ that they write intellectual art related and well researched pieces that challenge readers. Hopefully buyers of art read our blogs to learn about the artist and what our interests are , or what drives us. 

Just now I was driven only to enjoy a short vacation and to catch up with some of my best friends and my husband. I’ll write something with substance for you next month.

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