Why did I become an artist?

Most of my appreciation for painted art comes from admiring the masters. Monet has always drawn me in because of the softness of his impressionistic approach. I also like abstract art and I enjoy Picasso’s works simply because his work is dramatic and colorful.

I love to watch sunrises and sunsets, the bookends of each day, with all their colors, lights and shadows. Add in the movement of the clouds playing in the wind and the way you can see colors so unique emerging from or going into the darkness.

For as long as I remember, when I have seen those colors so brilliant and so fleeting, I have felt the need to capture the moments and to share them. That is the reason I picked up paint and brush. My first paintings were experimentation with these sky colors.

The subject of most of my artwork is seascapes and landscapes. Oil painting sets me free to express the colors moving above and around us constantly. I paint lavishly and use both brush and palette knife for application, giving definition and depth to my artwork.

Recently I have spent time developing the abstract artist inside. This is stretching me to grow and paint in a looser and less familiar fashion. The abstracts shown in my gallery are done in either cold wax oils or acrylic .

If abstract art isn’t your preference, I do have some oils and acrylic landscape art in my gallery.


From the Journal of Jane Kuhn

What to Paint?

Ok admit it, if you are an artist this has happened to you. You stand in front of a canvas, board or paper, brush in hand…and you are clueless. I have painted quite a few trees and lakes, seascapes and mountains. Some of my paintings hang on other people’s walls, so I must paint them…

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Samuel Golden and his Golden Egg

Samuel Golden was born in 1915 and lived until 1997. His art related career began when he worked in his uncle, Leonard Bocour’s shop, Bocour Artist Colors located on 15th Street in Manhattan. Together they created hand ground and mixed oil colors for local artists. Some of those artists gathered and sat up their easels…

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