Ok admit it, if you are an artist this has happened to you. You stand in front of a canvas, board or paper, brush in hand…and you are clueless. I have painted quite a few trees and lakes, seascapes and mountains. Some of my paintings hang on other people’s walls, so I must paint them adequately. But today I want to do something else. That’s the problem.

For several years I have collected calendars with amazing photography, with the intention of using the colors and subject structure to make my own paintings. Scenes of nature, or old buildings fascinate me. I have some success using photos as reference for inspiration. Recently I have taken several art classes in abstract style and that is making my brain do new things. Not sure if anybody but me will like the paintings, however I do have them out there for people to see. Abstract landscapes are fun to paint and after the painting is done you ask yourself….will anyone else know what I was going for? But…do I really care?

I do pay attention to my surroundings when driving or being out in general. There is inspiration out there and the phone camera is the best way to capture the moment. I can’t remember till the next minute the fine details of a particular view or setting. Ah, but then you have to keep the darned phone charged!

Well, to make a long story short, I did find something inspiring while driving last evening. The sunset sky was phenomenal! But guess what…..my cellphone was deader than a doorknob. So when I got home I immediately went to my studio and mashed the colors onto a palette so I could paint last night’s sky today. I still need to tweak the colors so I’ll probably paint another picture of it tomorrow. Or until I get it right!

When I do get it ‘right’ you will find it here in my gallery. It will be an amazing pink sunset. So then how will I get the inspiration to paint the next painting?

I’ll maybe just imagine a shape or a color, or I’ll see a place or something that looks old, or different. Something always pops into my head eventually. Meanwhile I just clean up around the studio, frame some pieces, or do some of the nerdy chores necessary to being an artist. And I do spend at least 30 minutes a day painting even if I don’t have any idea what to paint. Those have turned into some rather interesting artwork.

So carry on my painterly friends. Your next masterpiece could be just a single thought away!

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